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We prefer team members to be onsite in our Toronto office, but we’re prepared to be flexible on remote work.


Job Description


Hi there! We’re looking for a programmer with experience shipping games professionally and who is self-directed and excellent at collaborating across disciplines.

Get Set Games is working on a project with Gearbox Publishing for leading consoles and PC that breaks new ground and we’ll need an engineer who can work closely with content creators on the team to improve their tools and workflow within Unreal. As a programmer, you will optimize performance, extend the Unreal editor for art and design needs, and share knowledge with others.


You’ll be working to craft the direction of the tech infrastructure supporting the team members who create content. You’ll be a key contributor to our team, and we’ll always support your continued growth.


People at Get Set Games


The foundations of the company were laid almost a decade ago, which is an eternity in the games industry. We attribute our longevity to humility and mutual respect amongst team members. Folks here aren’t pressured into overwork and we solve problems without being told.




Aligning with our values is a prerequisite for becoming a great addition here.


We Value Artistry – The goal of our art and technology is to deliver excellence, originality, and beauty to our players.


We Value People – Diversity and inclusivity promote innovation and strength. At Get Set Games we believe you should be your authentic, brilliant self, and we view our players as people, not demographics.


We Value Good Health –  Our team members are encouraged to learn, improve, and take and give feedback as adults.


We Value Personal Improvement – Our team members are encouraged to learn, improve, and take and give feedback as adults.


The Most Important Parts of Your Job


Professional experience – You need to be familiar with every phase of getting a game out the door, working with a team from prototype to release. A university degree is nice, so is experience in a related field, but your team is counting on the fact that this isn’t your first rodeo.


Self-directed –  If your queue is empty you won’t wait for someone to tell you what to work on. You drive your own efforts to learn and grow.


Collaborating across disciplines – You’ll be helping designers and artists do their job more effectively. You’ll be collecting requirements, and fixing problems. The importance of great communication can’t be overstated.


The Programming Domain


We use C/C++, Blueprints, C#, Python, bash, and Javascript. We use Perforce for version control and Jira for managing tasks. We operate in the UE4 environment and deliver on multiple hardware platforms.

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